Private Equity & Acquisitions

Shunit provides advisory services to first tier global private equity funds. Given its track record with PE's mid to large scale deal size, Shunit is looking to engage with appropriate Israeli related companies which are targeting Private Equity transactions.

Shunit also engages with small size acquisitions & partnerships. Appropriate companies in growth or distressed stages which are targeting to be acquired are welcomed to make contact.
Entrepreneurial Projects

Given its Entrepreneurial track record, Shunit is looking to engage with Entrepreneurial Projects in the fields of:

Technology - private, public and government sections
Industrial - acquisitions and restructuring of distressed companies
Real Estate - small sized entrepreneurial projects

Community Contribution
Shunit has been supporting Israeli engineering schools since 2006, focusing on bettering their training programs and its relative international advantage. Over the years, the company has gained significant achievements such as 'Afeka Engineering School' case. Shunit takes specific interest in youth under risk, and offers sailing and sea experience opportunities to such groups.

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