Private Equity Markets

Strategic advisory for "TPG", one of the world's largest private equity funds. Erez covers the private equity market in Israel. As part of his work Erez founded and led in 2008 the Partnership between Strauss Group and TPG, valued at a billion dollars, in addition to further Israeli related deals.
Strategic advisory for "Leeds Equity", one of USA's largest private equity funds focused on education. In 2009, Erez has taken a key position with Leeds' full acquisition of "Ex Libries" , sells management software for academic libraries in 90 countries, in which Erez continues to serve as an active board member.
Various investments & Co investment of private equity deals in North America and Europe.

Venture Capital Markets

Founder and CEO of "STI Ventures". Backed by world class investors and operated from the USA, Europe & Israeli offices, the company has been an active founder and a majority investor of International portfolio of over 60 technology companies'. STI has reached a substantial value in its life time.
Erez has had numerous active roles as Chairman, Board Member, and executive, in young companies which reached maturity through M&A and IPOs.
Erez has led joint operations and co investments with first tier international venture capital entities.

M&A markets

Erez took a continuous role in M & A activities in tens of companies under various sizes such as:"Strauss coffee" -- "TPG", "Traduem" -- "Vertical net", "Envara"--"Intel", "Butterfly" -- "Texas Instrument " In addition to IPOs such as: "Tucows" (NASDAQ, internet), "Memscap" (Novmarche, semiconductor),"KardanTechnologies"(T.A SEC, services)

Entrepreneurial Projects & Growth Companies

Erez has accumulated years of experience in working with entrepreneurs and CEOs in various fields on fund raising more than a half a billion dollar in the private market, vision creation, strategies, execution, restructures and business development.

Global Capital Market

Erez takes a continuous role in international forums, analyzing global Macro conditions by combining economical, political and social perspectives.
over the last decade Erez has been continuously active in global capital markets investments, resulting with high multiyear yields.

Other Activities:

Since 2006, Erez has led a revolutionary change in "Tel Aviv's Afeka Engineering School" including the restructuring of its academic model as well as its operations. This change is resulted by significant improvements of all academic ratings which are highly recognized by Israeli and International levels.
Erez is continuously focusing on gaping the opportunities for Israeli peripheral youth through community's various positions.
Erez maintains, Graduation with honors at the Elite Israeli officer Naval Academy. Skipper of Second-prize winner boat at the 2003 Israeli sailing boat championship. Third-prize winner at the annual Israeli 2002 Triathlon. Participation at the 2009 Marathon de Paris.

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